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Why do we need Calcium?

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To get strong bones and a sound body, Calcium is one of the major needs. Proper calcium intake is very important for the efficient functions of different organ systems. There are many significant physiological roles of Calcium including the following:

Calcium makes up most part of the bone. To maintain the blood calcium level, the calcium in bones is used.

Calcium is important for the mechanism of contraction of muscles. This includes the muscles of the heart. Lack of calcium may cause tetany in muscles.

It is an important factor in blood clotting.

It is a vital element for the transmission of information from one neuron to the other within the nerve fibers and in the nervous system.

Other than that, it is important for the release of various enzymes and hormones.

Calcium helps increase the metabolism of the body.

Most cellular functions, involve calcium. This tells us the importance of Calcium in our body.

One glass of milk can give you enough calcium for the day. You can also include dairy products like yogurt, cheese, skim milk etc. Almonds and dry fruits are also rich in calcium.

Women who have had their menopause should make sure they consume enough calcium because female hormone estrogen has quite an impact on calcium absorption in bones.

Aged people should have adequate calcium intake because in this age, the bones become weak and fragile and there in more chance of fractures.

Important note:

If you have a kidney disorder, you should consult your doctor for advice. Because excess calcium along with oxalates result in kidney stones.





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