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The feeding of a baby, with breast milk directly from the mothers breast, and not from a container, cup or bottle is called breast feeding. Babies are born with sucking and swallowing reflex, which makes breastfeeding possible.

Breast milk is considered the healthiest milk for infants, it preventĀ  s diseases and promote health, it has been preferred over artificial milk because artificial milk is associated with high incidence of infant death from diarrhea all over the world.

Many specialists recommends the feeding of a baby with breast milk only for the first six months of life because it reduces the occurrence of ear infections respiratory illnesses and diarrhea. With some exceptions such as women taking certain drugs, women with untreated tuberculosis and in some places women infected with HIV.

Breast milk, is a perfect mix of vitamins, proteins and fat making it an ideal nutrition for infants, and all the child needs for growth and development. Breast milk also contains antibodies, which help babies fight viruses and bacterias. Breast milk has also been linked to high IQ scores in later years in exclusively breastfed babies.


The benefits of breastfeeding to the mother cannot be overemphasized, it includes;

1. Breastfeeding aids the release of the hormone oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract and return to its pre-pregnancy size, thus reducing bleeding after birth

2. It lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer

3. It burns extra calories hence helping in reducing pregnancy weight

4. It reduces risk of osteoporosis

5. Breastfeeding creates extra time for relaxation with the baby, resulting in the creation of strong emotional bond

There are the tips to successful breastfeeding;

Be in a comfortable position, support yourself with pillows if need be

-cradle your baby to your breast rather than bending to put it in its mouth

-support the breast with one hand and your baby’s head with the other

-Tickle your baby’s lower lip with your nipple, and once the mouth is open, allow it to cover the dark area around the breast. This will make your breast enter far into your baby’s mouth and its tongue to be cupped under the breast.

-Listen to the rhythm of sucking and swallowing.


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