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Women Grow Old Like their Mothers

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If you want to have an idea of how you will look when you get older, all you have to do is look at your mother. Your mother could reveal more details about this. What exactly do I mean by this? According to research from Loma Linda University Medical Center in California, women get older and develop the same wrinkles in the faces as their mothers. These data have been published in a Congress of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

The study focused on investigating ten pairs of mothers and daughters between 15 and 90 years. 3D digital images detected that both mother and daughter had the same configuration and cell skeleton.

The other discovery was that, over the years, faces of the daughters will have to resemble her mother in terms of sagging and volume loss (particularly around the eyes and lower eyelids). According to the report, the loss of volume in the lower eyelid begins when a woman turns 35 years and will progress steadily over time.

For researchers (all plastic surgeons), these findings will be useful to promote new lines of intervention in the rejuvenation of the eye area.

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