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Workaholics Suffer a Range of Issues

By on August 22, 2012 in Health, Lifestyle with 0 Comments

There is a growing number of laws and initiatives that promote the balancing of  hours spent at work and at leisure. But many people just refuse to come out of workaholism, and they use their leisure time too at work. A balance between them should be to achieve a good quality of life.

The problem with addiction to work is socially legitimized and has been read along with dedication, and higher rate of income generation. This makes this problem often goes unnoticed and at times this compulsive behavior gets  rewarded too.

Usually, it occurs among middle-class and successful medium-high professionals, hovering around 40, who are perfectionists and demanding .

It has been characterized as a socially positive addiction, but as an addiction it has two fundamental components: lack of control and dependency. It also brings with it serious physical and psychological consequences.

Those who suffer from this problem sport peculiar behavior such as denial of the problem, need for control, distortion of reality, dedication if  full time towards work, and withdrawal symptoms during vacation seasons.

They have negative consequences, such as a deteriorated family relationships, isolation, loss of  sense of humor and absolutely nil relaxation. Their physical health goes weak, as they sleep less.

Workaholics have great difficulty to relax and have fun, as they feel they are wasting their time, and the obsession with “doing” is present in them all the time.

Workaholics, in an effort to make more money, lose social relationships, become irritable, and suffer from low self-esteem. Hope you aren’t one!



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