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You Could Be Entitled for Free Diabetic Supplies

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A recent survey by Consumer Reports Healthestimates that diabetes patients spend an average of $6,000 per year to treat their disease.

There are many ways to get diabetic supplies with little or no out of pocket expense. They are not strictly speaking free, however, as either your health insurance plan or Medicaid or supplemental Medicare plans pay for them.  This costs the country more than $174 billion each year.

But there is no need to pay directly for most diabetes supplies.  There is likely to be small co-pay for doctor’s visits, and perhaps a deductible that needs to be met each year.  Apart from that the supplies come to you for nothing.  Check with your insurance or supplemental Medicare provider to find out the details.


The most important item is probably an insulin monitor. Medicare Part B covers home blood sugar monitors and relevant supplies, including glucose test strips and lancets.  There may be limits on how often you get these supplies.

Medicare Part D covers certain medical supplies such as syringes,needles, gauze, alcohol swabs, and inhaledinsulin devices, with possible copayments and deductibles.  It also covers insulin that is not administered with an insulin pump and anti-diabeticdrugs needed to maintain blood sugar levels. Screenings and self-management trainings are also mostly covered as well as Medical nutritiontherapy services. The copay or deductible on these is worth the expense as you will then be able to manage your disease with fewer visits to the doctor or hospital.

It pays to shop around for your diabetes supplies.  Companies will advertise “free” supplies (often delivered to your door), but you should read the fine print as very likely there will be some hidden costs.  Nevertheless, there are some really good deals and you may be able to get most, if not all, your diabetic supplies.




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