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Your Brain and Chocolate

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Are you one of the many people who can’t imagine life without chocolates? Is it just the pleasant taste that you admire or is there something else too? The following information will clarify your love for chocolate.


Chocolate is more than a packet full of surprises and delight. It carries some astonishing compounds that have the potential to make you happy and high. One that you must already know about is caffeine which has a stimulatory effect on our nervous system. Wait, there are more.

You’ll be shocked to know that chocolate also contains small amounts of a compound named tetrahydrocannabinol-9 which closely resembles the active ingredient in marijuana and morphine. Thank god we are lucky to buy this wonder drug whenever we want without any prescription!

Other than these psychoactive agents, chocolate is packed with Phenylethylamine. This is the same compound which is named the ‘love drug’ because it circulates in your blood when you are crazy and excited in love.

The phenomenon by which chocolate makes you happy is that it stimulates the release of specific chemicals that are responsible for producing pleasure. The compounds found in chocolate encourage neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin which then stimulate pleasure-inducing chemicals by acting on the receptors present inside the brain.

Apart from that, it is also interesting to know that chocolate not only makes you happy but it also alleviates pain. Philosophically, eating chocolate is a hedonistic pursuit, which means when we eat it, we are striving for pleasure for ourselves. We experience comfort, gratification and delight by it.

With all of these amazing ingredients that flood our body with the pleasure-causing chemicals and endorphins, how can we not fall for chocolates after all?



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