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Your Mattress Contributes to a Good Sleep

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Our welfare and our health depends by a good sleep. So why not put the odds on our side, bringing together all the factors conducive to good sleep. Stress, and sometimes, our daily doings can affect our sleep. Apart from that, our mattress also plays an important role.

According to a 2009 survey for the National Institute of Sleep and Alertness, 84% of French believe that the mattress has a positive impact on quality of life and 94% believe it has an impact on the quality of sleep.

More scientifically, based on movements recorded during sleep, it has been shown that changing the mattress improves sleep quality. The transition from an old to a new mattress is not accompanied by an increase in the duration of sleep, but a better quality of sleep. It makes the night more peaceful, you’ll have less difficulty waking in the morning, and you’ll have a more intense level of activity and energy throughout the day.

How regularly should you change my mattress? Change your mattress every 10 years.


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